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We Move For Your Defense Against Moving Violations

Charges related to a moving violation are those that involve a driver violating a traffic law while his or her vehicle is in motion. While moving violation cases lack criminal intent, they still often carry a series of harsh penalties that can disrupt your life and impede your personal freedoms.

The team at Ticket Trashers provides knowledgeable guidance to drivers in Las Vegas and throughout Nevada facing moving violations. We strive to minimize the impact of such concerns. We will go to court on your behalf. We will fight to minimize the potential expenses related to a ticket, and to keep your driving record clean. Moving violations can lead to serious repercussions, but attorney Steve Dimopoulos and team will provide the defense support you deserve.

Confront These Charges With A Strong Defense

It is easy to underestimate the severity of a moving violation. Indeed, such infractions can stay on your record for years, affecting your driving privileges, insurance rates, and other consideration. Our team has the experience necessary to effectively defend you against all moving violations, including:

The penalties for these types of violations vary depending on the jurisdiction and the nature of the individual situation. Nevada has a demerit point system, which means that moving violation can lead to a certain amount of points on your license. After an accumulation of 12 points within a 12-month period, you will face a suspension of your license.

We take this threat seriously, work diligently to help you avoid a conviction and keep your driving record point-free.

Learn How We Can Turn Your Ticket Into Trash

We offer free initial case evaluations for drivers dealing with moving violations and potential threats to their driving privileges. We take quick action to intervene on your behalf, finding ways to help you avoid adverse consequences.

Schedule your appointment to discuss your case with a lawyer by contacting our office at 702-637-9622 or completing our online contact form.