Parking Tickets: More Than A Minor Inconvenience

If you’ve received a parking ticket, you may think there is nothing to do but pay it. To challenge a ticket, after all, is a major inconvenience, requiring you to take hours out of your day to protest the infraction. And, in such circumstances, success is far from guaranteed.

Moreover, parking in Las Vegas is unusually complex, leading many people to incur several parking tickets each year. Before long, the financial burden becomes significant. We can help. At Ticket Trashers, we assist our clients with all manner of parking tickets, helping them minimize fines and avoid other consequences that result from these offenses.

We Fight All Types Of Parking Tickets

There are various types of parking tickets in Nevada. The penalties associated with these can vary, but there are always fines. We work hard to help you avoid this inconvenient expense and keep your driving record clear. We will send a lawyer on your behalf to challenge your tickets for all manner of violations, including:

  • Parking in a handicap zone
  • Parking in a no-parking zone
  • Double parking
  • Parking in a restricted zone
  • Parking too close to an intersection
  • Parking too close to a crosswalk
  • Parking in a bike lane
  • Blocking a fire hydrant
  • Parking in a way that blocks traffic
  • Parking in a hazardous manner
  • Parking at a red curb

Whether you are facing a parking ticket for the first time in Las Vegas or you are a repeat offender, you have the right to fight for your interests.

We Fight Parking Tickets On Your Behalf

Our team offers the support you need. We make sure you do not face additional complications
after a ticket, keeping you from unnecessary fines and expenses. Our goal is to protect your interests and help you move on in a timely manner.

You can talk with an attorney about your parking ticket by scheduling your free initial case evaluation as soon as possible. You can
contact us here or call our office at 702-637-9622 to make an appointment to further discuss your case.

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